“I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No one comes to the Father

except through Me”

John 14:6

Pastors Noreen & Henry  Kevern

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Well I decided that I would write about my journey with diabetes. It has been only 2 ½ months since I was diagnosed. I hope that each entry will help others. I encourage you to write to me and share your diabetic journey. And if you would like me to post what you write, I would love to do so. Just let me know when you write. And like everything in life, GOD is always at the ready. And in the process, I am hoping to lose more weight, so this will include my efforts in doing that as well. So first things first, let us start with prayer.

Father GOD, I come to YOU this day and ask YOU to give me the words that YOU would like me to say. This journey is with YOU and without YOU I could not do this. Thank YOU for being with me in this new life that I have begun. I ask YOU that those who read this will be helped by how YOU have helped me and what I am learning from this. May YOUR grace cover others and myself as we grow in learning to take care of our bodies and becoming aware of our choices. We ask this in JESUS’ NAME. Amen.

So the best place is to start at the beginning of when I was diagnosed but I will actually begin about a week before.

Although I did not know I was getting ketoacidosis, the week before I had become sick. I have ulcers and I thought my stomach just had another active ulcer. I had some intestine issues and I had begun to have serious potty issues. I will try not to be too graphic but I want others to know. In the beginning, I did not think much with my bladder issues as I was diagnosed many years ago with an overactive bladder. But my bladder began to overfill my pad and I was going much more than I had ever before. My back began to hurt in a day or so after this began. So I thought that I might have a kidney problem so I began to drink some 100 % cranberry juice, thinking that would help the issue. It did not. We were at our daughter’s house at the time. We came back to Henry’s sister’s house where we had been saying. I asked Henry to anoint me with oil and pray healing over me. On Saturday night/ Sunday morning we were awoken by Henry’s sister. He passed that night and Sunday was quiet. I was still having these issues but due to the day, did not let them concern me. I had Henry anoint me again and pray healing over me. Sunday night/ Monday morning, as I was weaving down the hall to the bathroom, feeling like a drunk sailor, as the saying goes. So when we got up Monday, I said we need to get dressed and head to the hospital, that something was really wrong. I do not remember much of the drive to the hospital. I remember a bit of the initial time in the emergency room but the next thing I knew, I was in ICU. I had been in the emergency room 11 hours and only remember a few minutes. It was then I found out I had diabetes and had gone into ketoacidosis. My potassium levels had dropped to critical and twice I had to have potassium drips. I was also on a insulin drip.

I was worn out. I was not scared. I knew that GOD was already there and that this was something that HE would handle.

My Diabetic Journey