“I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No one comes to the Father

except through Me”

John 14:6

Pastors Noreen & Henry  Kevern

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Healing In The LORD

1O LORD, do not rebuke me in Your anger or discipline me in Your wrath. 2 Your arrows have pierced me and Your hand has come down on me. 3Because of Your wrath there is no health in my body; there is no soundness in my bones because of my sin. 4My guilt has overwhelmed me, like a burden too heavy to bear. 5My wounds fester and are loathsome because of my sinful folly. 6I am bowed down and brought very low; all day long I go about mourning. 7My back is filled with searing pain; there is no health in my body. 8I am feeble and utterly crushed; I groan in anguish of heart. Psalm 38:1-8

Update: Many years ago when I wrote this Weekly Way, I really did not have any major health issues and my son in law was living with Type One Diabetes. Henry had his health issues but since has many more. Now, I am diabetic, having been diagnosed last year when I went into ICU with ketoacidious. My arthritis has become severe and very painful. My son in law is now on dialysis and needing a transplant of a kidney and pancreas soon, Our daughter, his wife, struggles with depression because of his health and now she is the bread winner and mother of 5 children, having to work and be the homemaker as well, since her husband is now on disability because of his health. Dialysis is very hard on him and in less than a year, they have had to do dialysis through the heart because other places have not worked. He has also lost some sight from the diabetes. Henry is in permanent abnormal afib, with elevated heart rate, which limits him in everything. He is on meds for it, While we have these struggles with our health, they have brought us closer to GOD and has been building our faith even stronger. While we struggle and have not received healing from these health problems as of yet, we continue to hope and pray for healing, trusting in the LORD because HIS strength is sufficient, HIS love is unending, and in truth, HE’s got this. That is my new saying with all things. GOD’s got this. No matter what happens, whether healing comes in this life or when we are home with the LORD, we know that GOD is already there and that there is nothing to fear. GOD is on the throne and no matter what, HIS will be done. Because JESUS accepted death on the cross for us, we can accept whatever comes our way, because GOD did and HE will bring what we need. It has been 5 years since I first wrote this sermon an my sibling is still with us. Another sibling is battling kidney failure due to diabetes but is not on dialysis as of yet, and is dealing with some afib as well. But we keep going, learning to live with. But the rest of this sermon still applies and is worth the reading and telling.

We all have things we need to overcome and the biggest thing that we need to overcome is ourselves. We have to learn to walk humbly with our GOD and to walk only in HIS way and to walk in HIS love so that no matter what is going on in our lives we trust in HIM and are not afraid of what may come. Everything that happens is a chance for us to learn and to overcome or to be humble in our successes. Everything gives us a choice, GOD’s way or the evil one’s way, there is no middle ground. This world tells us that GOD is not good because HE does not want us to live in the devil’s way but HIS. The devil wants to keep us out of our home with GOD and to have us suffer with him in hell forever. And so he uses people on earth to lie and contort the truth of GOD. Living in GOD’s way is simple. HIS Word gives us HIS story and truth, HIS wisdom and knowledge, the basics we need to learn to love HIM and walk in HIS ways and prepare ourselves to living forever with HIM when our school of earth is done. There are only two choices in life, I want you to understand this, We have the ability to make the choice with whatever is put before us, whether to walk in GOD’s way or the evil one’s. GOD is good and perfect and HIS ways bring us to HIS perfection. But we have to choose HIS ways. And we have to learn HIS truth and we have t know HIS life. That is why reading the Bible and when we do, we have to ask the HOLY SPIRIT to convict us of GOD’s truth. We have to come humbly before GOD and ask HIM to teach us as our FATHER, and allow HIM into our lives and to have that beautiful, personal, loving relationship with HIM. In doing so, we put a hedge of protection around us that we keep us in HIS will, even in the midst of times of trial and troubles. It is a daily taking up of our cross and walking with JESUS with HIS cross and walking in the way of the LORD. It is standing firm in GOD’s truth even when the world tells us we and GOD are wrong. IF we continue to read HIS Word and walk in the way of the LORD, no matter what may come, we will thrive and survive and be made perfect in GOD. My prayer is that we will all learn to abandon ourselves to GOD and to come every day to HIS Word and learn and to walk with GOD in all areas of our lives. FATHER, please keep on loving everyone especially those who do not believe. O I pray LORD, that hearts will be broken from the lies and strongholds that the devil has over lives and that people will surrender all to YOU and be filled with YOUR love and to walk with YOU all of the rest of their days. And no matter what GOD, we trust in You no matter what is going on in our lives, even through the medical issues we have. YOU got this LORD and YOU are all we need.
The LORD bless you and keep you. The LORD make HIS face shine upon you and be gracious. The LORD turn HIS face toward you and give you peace. In JESUS’ NAME we pray. Amen.

When I decided to write about healing, I thought of the many Scriptures there are that speak about healing. The reason I decided this subject was because one of my siblings just received a diagnosis of cancer. My sibling already has other medical problems that limit the options for treatment. My sibling has had things happen that has caused a trial of faith before this cancer diagnosis. Cancer is a word that scares people. Automatically people are scared and wonder how long before they will die. They know that treatment options cause pain and because of the poison the treatment puts in the body, it causes one to be very sick, it makes people wonder if the treatment is worth it.

I have had a few family, friends and other people that I have known who died from cancer and I know people who are survivors. For the most part, the cancers have been different types. Henry’s brother died at age 51 from lung cancer. He had been treated for the wrong thing for about a year when finally a doctor recognized that Ric had cancer. He died about a week later. Ric’s wife died about 5 years after he did from cervical cancer. One of my uncles, he was opened up and the cancer was so great that they closed him up and in died in less than 6 months. A good friend of mine, Kris, lived for 15 years after she was diagnosed with liver cancer. She prayed from 2nd Kings 20:1-11, the prayer of Hezekiah. Hezekiah had become ill and was at the point of death. The prophet Isaiah came to him and told him the LORD told him to put his house in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah prayed to God, asking God to remember how he has faithfully followed Him and Hezekiah wept. God then told Isaiah to go back to Hezekiah and tell him, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you. On the 3rd day from now you will go up to the temple of the LORD. I will add 15 years to your life. Kris lived almost 15 years to the day she prayed that prayer.

I have a niece who has survived breast cancer for over 15 years now. A young boy Vinny fought the good fight but he went home when he was 9. When his mom asked him if he could begin life and not have cancer, he said no because cancer brought him closer to God. I had never met Vinny but learned of him and his story through a prayer request. Vinny’s short life was a tribute to God. I prayed so hard for Vinny, I wanted to meet him and tell him that I love him. I will tell him when I go home. For now, every time I see Lego’s I will think of Vinny. A lady had come to me to be baptized because she felt that cancer brought her closer to God and she used her cancer to tell people about her faith in God. She was at peace when she went home to God. I met a lady when I was getting a mammogram who had been a breast cancer survivor for over 25 years.

Cancer, like other diseases, is not God’s desire for us. Cancer has come about because of the changes that have occurred in our DNA. Cancer cannot take away your faith. For many people it increases their faith and brings them closer to God. They become at peace because they know God loves them and because of their faith, know they will be going home to live with God. Cancer cannot take away the love that you have for your family and it will not take away the love of your family. It can bring about a stronger faith and help families to celebrate life and live life as if tomorrow will be your last day. It teaches people to enjoy each moment with family and to cherish each moment. And people learn to be thankful for every day they have.

Still for others, especially those without faith or whose faith is weak, they may turn away from God even more, and blame Him for the cancer. They feel God is punishing them. Psalm 38 tells these feelings. Sadly, many people without faith and those who have not surrendered their lives to God feel He is punishing them for their lack of faith. God loves you, even if you do not love Him or you doubt Him. Death is something we all will face. Some people face death and survive for many years. Henry has faced death twice now. During one of my bouts with pneumonia, I felt like I was going to die. I said goodbye to my children and husband while they were sleeping. I had pneumonia from the end of October to finally being okay to go out on December 24th. As a teen, taking my life seemed the only way to end my pain. As I have grown in the LORD, I have found that this earth is not my home. I look forward to the day when I will be with my LORD and Savior. Henry and I pray that the LORD will bring us home together, but if He calls me first, I’m okay with that. Henry teases me about that, how I want to leave him but we know that this earth is not our home and we long for being with God forever. We have no fear of death because we know God is there. His love fills our lives and fills our whole beings with His peace.

Psalm 38 is not about God punishing us because we deserve to be punished because of our sins. God can and does use the circumstances in our lives to bring us closer to Him. Psalm 30:2-3 says: O LORD my God, I called to You for help and You healed me. You brought me up from the realm of the dead. You spared me from going down to the pit. When you received your diagnosis of cancer fear may have filled your whole being. You sit there wondering why, and your whole life may flash before your eyes. You may get angry at God for allowing you to get cancer or you may call out to God because you have ignored Him your whole life; you have never put God first in your life and now you realize that you need Him. You may be a lukewarm believer and now you know that God and your relationship with Him should have been the most important part of your life. None of these things need keep you from coming to God. It is never too late to have a personal relationship with God. And when you do, it will fill you with His peace and you will learn to love Him and to live each day in His mercy and love, enjoying each day that you have left in this earthly life. You will celebrate each day, discovering that life is worth giving your all to God and loving those around you. And during this time you can make things right in your life. Take this time as you surrender all to God. You will learn to forgive those who have wronged you in life. You will be able to ask God to forgive you for the anger you have wrapped around you; you will be able to ask God to open your heart and to let go of the anger that has poisoned you for so long. You will understand that God did not desire that person or persons to hurt you. It was not what God wanted. It was the choice of the person who hurt you. They have freewill just as you do. They are the ones who caused your pain. And when you do not forgive, you are causing that pain to fester and grow. Forgive them and surrender yourself to God and let Him heal you of the hate. You only hurt yourself by hanging on to hate and unforgiveness. Let God into your life and let Him hold you and allow Him to fill you with His love. God will punish the evil doers in His time and in His way. After all, “Vengeance is Mine,” says the LORD.  

Just recently we witnessed the 3 young women who were held captive in Ohio. Their stories, their faith amazes me. And that man, well he killed himself and he will spend eternity in hell for what he did. These women are rebuilding their lives that was torn away from them God is healing them and surrounding them with His love. I remember back in the 70’s, a child had been abducted in the city that I lived. They found this child dead in a dumpster. The parents forgave the murderer.

When we hold on to the anger over what someone has done to us or someone we love, it only festers and poisons our whole body; it leaves an opening for the devil to implant his hate into our lives. The devil likes to inflict pain on his victims. Using cancer, illness, being molested or raped, losing a job or divorce, losing your house, having a bomb blow up when you are serving your country in another place far from home and you lose your arm or leg or you receive a traumatic brain injury, you or a loved one is killed or maimed by a drunk driver; the list goes on and on. And because of the pain we shut out God and blame Him for the actions of others. Our bodies suffer and the devil brings illness, whether cancer, stroke, heart attack, physical attacks or mental attacks; the devil will use anything to put you at odds with God; he will lie to you and fill you with his hate because he wants you in hell with him. Brothers and sisters, resist the devil, and flee from him and fall into the arms of our loving God. You will be safe in His loving arms.

God is waiting for you to let go of all the evil things that the devil has brought into your life. God is waiting with open arms to enfold you and shield you. He will cover you with His love and grace no matter what is happening in your life. You have to surrender your life to God, confess your sins and let go of all the hate and anger the devil has filled your life with. Psalm 33:18-22 says: But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear (and love) Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive from famine. We wait in hope for the LORD; He is our help and shield. In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His Holy Name. May Your unfailing love be with us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in You.

Sisters and brothers, no matter what is happening in your life, come to God and let Him heal you; your diseases, your hate, your pain; let God heal you of all the things that life has done to you. Jesus became Man so that He could show us God’s way, His truth, and His life. Because humankind is weak, God had promised from the beginning that He would bring about our Salvation, to save us from ourselves. Jesus lived as a human, just as we do. He was tempted in every way that we are so that we can learn from Him and overcome as He did. He came to serve us; He fed people; He healed; He brought the dead back to life; He preached about the kingdom of God and that we have to repent of our sins. He is preparing a place in heaven for each of us who choose Him. He places before us life and death, blessings and curses. It’s up to us how we want to live our lives; it’s up to us to accept God’s love and truth; or we can chose the devil’s hate and lies. God will not control you. But when you surrender your life to God and seek Him first in your life; when you confess your sins and ask God to heal you from your sins; falling in love with God and growing day by day in a personal relationship with God, you will find in His peace that nothing will move you from standing firm in your faith and trusting God no matter what happens.

Let us read these words from Psalm 23:3-4: He restores my soul. Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me. Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. God loves you and is with you always. Let Him into your life and allow His love to cover you. Let go of the anger and the hate. It is never too late to come to the LORD. Don’t allow the devil to steal God’s love away from you. Jesus forgave you your sins with His life, dying a horrible death on the cross. He knows your fears; He knows your pain and sorrow. Think about this: God is your Parent. When He looks at you, what does He see? A person of love or a person of hate? A person living a life in His way, His truth and His life, or a person following the lies of the devil, promoting his agenda of lies and hate?

Let it all go to God and trust in Him. Give Him thanks and praise for all things in your life. Forgive one another as he has forgiven you. Let Him heal your heart and your body. Fall in love with God. Don’t fear; God tells us in His Word 365 times, not to fear. His love covers fear. When we learn to live in His love, nothing will cause us to fear. Cancer cannot take God’s love away. And even if our healing comes in death, we know we will be home with God and that no cancer, no pain will be there and death is conquered and that we will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Take the time to read through the Scriptures and write down all the Scriptures on healing and reflect on them. God loves you.