“I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No one comes to the Father

except through Me”

John 14:6

Pastors Noreen & Henry  Kevern

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Please use the form below to email me and I will add your prayer to my daily prayer requests. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, please email me so that I can add you to my prayer lists. You may also use this form to email me for continuing support on becoming a Christian or your continuing journey as a Christian.

God bless.

Please continue to pray for Callie!

Heavenly Father, we come to YOU this day and ask YOU to help us to empty our very selves of all that holds us away from YOU. Help us to learn to let go and to let YOU fill us with all of YOU. GOD, we need YOU. This world is falling apart and the devil is causing so much sin and people are listening to his lies and believing him over YOU and YOUR truth. We are so full of hate and lust and evil and we need YOU. LORD, teach us YOUR way, YOUR truth and YOUR life which we need to know YOU and to walk in YOU. LORD, teach us to become as children and begin again in YOU allowing YOU to be our parent and to let YOUR Word become for us our daily bread. Let us feast on YOUR Word and allowing It to fill us with what we need to having a personal relationship with YOU. LORD, we need YOU. Help us to become one with YOU and to let YOU guide us and teach us so that we can become perfect as YOU are perfect. Help us to know that in everything, YOU are. YOU are there in every situation of our lives and that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, our names will be written in YOUR book of Life. We want YOU, we desire YOU and we want to know YOU. Help us to know that this world holds nothing for us, that only in YOU is life. Help us to let YOU to be in every situation in our lives and to know that YOU have everything we need to live.

We come to YOU LORD this day and ask that YOU to bring YOUR comfort and peace to the families whose loved ones were murdered in Florida. And let YOUR truth reign, teach us to search with all of our hearts and mind and strength for YOUR truth alone. Break every chain that the devil has over our lives. Teach us to love one another as YOU love us. Forgive us LORD for the way we are. Let us be loving and compassionate towards each other and stop blaming the other, but looking first at ourselves and removing the plank that is in our eyes and realizing our sins first and then help others to remove the speck in their eyes. Let us realize that our sin and our pride keeps us from confessing our sin. Let us humble our selves in YOU and to walk in YOUR ways always, we ask that YOU would teach us to be humble in heart and to be YOUR ambassadors in this hurting world, we ask that YOUR light would shine out of us, we ask for YOUR grace and love to fill us and to break hearts of stone to know YOU and to love YOU and to walk in YOUR way,  Vivian, Barbie and Dennis, Don and Nancy, Brian and Lucia, Shirley, all those whom we have met in the Journey, Ashley, Amy Jo and Danny and family, Valerie & Rocky, Jan, Deidre, Joanne & David, Suzanne, Debby, For YOUR healing touch LORD on those who suffer from disease and illness, fill hearts with the knowledge that YOU are more than enough to heal our hearts, our minds and our bodies. Help us to learn to wait on YOU to accomplish what YOU want for us. Whether healing comes right away, or years from the moment we pray or whether healing does not come in this life, help us to be at rest in YOU. Darrel & Jerilyn and their family, Paula and Steve and family, we lift up those who deny YOU and try to stop YOU from being spoken of. We lift up coaches and everyone who is being persecuted for worshiping YOU. Fill them with YOUR strength to continue unafraid in their praise and worship. Fill the courts with judges who know YOU so that righteous decisions will be given. We pray, LORD, that people will open their eyes and stop the violence that is happening in this country. We pray that people will accept our president, who was elected according to the laws of this country and that those who lost would not be trying to overthrow this government that was duly elected. We pray that people will stop spreading the lies of the devil and that people will listen to YOUR truth. We pray for the children who are abducted and abused, who are homeless and hungry. We pray for our loved ones who are sick. We lift up those who have lost their jobs and their homes and have given up. Give them Your peace, O Lord. Father, help us to let Your grace flow in all parts of our lives. We pray that people will get ready for Your return Lord Jesus.  God send us revival and spiritual awakening in our Christian churches that will set our nation aright, that radical Islam would stop their assaults, religious intolerance of Christianity, Mariam, Stephen, Edwin & Sherie & Eric & Ethan, Ester, Cindy, Shirley, Wayne and Shawna, safe travels, that Christians would seek Your Word daily & learn and seek Your way, Your truth and Your life in all areas of their lives and not allow the lies of the devil and the people he uses to spread his lies about You and that Your truth about all things will be revealed, let Christians rise up and declare their faith in You and Your Word and stop believing the lies of the liberal agenda,  Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Joseph Prince, Kirk Cameron, Joyce Meyer, Jack Graham, Michael Youssef, Oral Roberts Ministry & the many other ministries that preach the Word Of God in truth & spirit, that people will tune in and watch in order to learn about you and that people would live in Your ways Father, for those trying to open new businesses will be successful, especially Beth and Playdate, for those who are trying to buy their own homes especially Nora and family, spiritually curious people, Arthur and Denise Blessitt, the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by Boko Haran, Syria,  Sudan, Iran and many other lands, President Donald Trump and those he has chosen to serve with him, that they will bring good changes to the United States and in the world as the US has now accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as it is, that people will realize that we are all YOUR children and as such we are brothers and sisters and to treat each other in YOUR amazing love, Christians United for Israel, stay-at-home moms and dads, we pray for the children who are homeless and hungry, aborted and are victims of pediphiles and sexual slavery, for those who suffer with addictions, for peace in Israel, that Your chosen people would come to know You Lord Jesus as their Savior. Pray for those who are out preaching the gospel both here in the United States and all around the world, that seeds of faith may be sown to bring glory to our Lord God. We pray for all who love the Lord that they will completely abandon themselves to YOU. We pray for those who do not know the Lord that they will come to the Lord and ask Him for His forgiveness and give their lives to God. We pray that they will learn that only through Jesus can they find eternal life, Michele & Dana & family, Carey & Martin & family, Michelle & family, Deanna & Josh & family, OJ, Anna, Ethan & Serenity, Sherie, Tommie, Mark, Bill and Bev, Hyma & family, Glenn, Dee Dee, Nancy & Dave, Emily & Joseph & Jamie & Kacie & Melissa & Phil & Mila & Karen & Kenny & family, Prodigals to come back, Robert & Elizabeth, Donna & Johnny & family, for those that are working to keep us safe and provide emergency services, Home Churches all over the world, for those who kill through abortion, prayer requests, Felicia & Campus Ministry, those affected by the weather and natural disasters, fires & drought, Aspen & AJ, for the children who suffer from disease or abuse, CJ & mom April, Callie & Cozy & Noah & parents Karen and Joe,  Bowen, Patty, Nathan & Erica & Sophie, Anna & Craig & family, Andrea & Jason & Ian & Ava, Barbara, those suffering from cancer and mental illness, Michael, Middle East, Israel, for judges to not make laws, Elaine & Tony, Jeanine, Beth & Eric & Isaiah & Alliyah & Addyson, Chrissy & JD & Noah & Ashton & Konner & Elle & Briley, Henry & Monica & Isaiah & Branson & Flora, Nora & Chris & Ethan & Jocelyn, Ben, Roanne,  John & Carol, Kat, Kim, Marie, Craig, Michael & Gina, Toni & Angel, Kevin & Ro, Monica, Bill, Mike, Shannon, Johnny & Jamie & Mikey, Becca, Allie, Harry & Sandy, Sara & Bella, Emily, John & Cheryl & family, Kathy, for our families and friends, for those that are in hospitals, nursing homes, care centers, Patt and Ron, Melanie & Nick, Sean, Scott, Kathie, Scot & Fran, Caity & Corey & Aiden & Tristan, Krissy & Travis & family, Renee & LA, Dwight & Brandy & Savannah & Blake, Brenda, Sebastian, Kathryn & Sean & Julian & Hunter & unborn son, Suzette, Mike & Erin & Nathan & Michaela & Colin, for all those who loved ones have passed on, Donna & Erick & family, Melissa & Aaron & Patrick & Kailyn & Macey & AJ, Crystal & Luke & son, Mary, Maureen & daughter Nicole & child, Janet, Henry & Noreen, this church & ministry & the Journey, peace, Christians who are persecuted & killed, our men & women in the armed forces and our veterans & their families, for all those who have asked for prayers   

(Your prayers and petitions)

We thank You Father for hearing our prayers spoken and unspoken. We know that You are the way to life. We believe that by following Your way that when we ask of You, we will receive; that when we seek, we will find; and when we knock the door will open. So with faith we humbly ask You to answer our prayers and grant our petitions and prayers according to the Father’s Will.

We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Therefore, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your FATHER in heaven may forgive you your sins.

Matthew 11:24-26

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Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said,

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Isaiah 6:8